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Yeew connects ecommerce brands with our network of creators - people just like you. Join as a creator now to be sent products, record your thoughts and collect a payment of $100 AUD per review for doing it 🤑

How It Works

Creator? Products? Yeew? Confused? 🤯 Here's how it works.

Join As A Creator

Submit your details via the join now button. You'll fill out a form with questions to help us understand who you are and what brands & products interest you. Upon submitting the formyYou'll be added to our creator network.

Get Notified

When a product or brand that is a match for your interests requires user generated content we will notify you about the opportunity. An email is sent to all suitable creators with the details and it's first in best dressed for who we work with.

Record Your Review

If you're a good fit for the opportunity we will confirm you've been accepted for the project and send you the product. You just record yourself answering some questions and giving your feedback on the product (using your phone is fine) then submit the video to us.

Get Paid

Once we have received the footage from you we will review it. If the footage is accepted, you confirm we can use it for marketing purposes then we close the project and pay you $100 AUD via direct deposit to your Australian bank account.

Yeew = UGC

That's user generated content. Real people giving real opinions in self created content.
It's 🔥 right now in digital advertising.
As a Yeew creator you'll be paid for your UGC reviews to be used in digital advertising campaigns. Here's why UGC is better than traditional advertising content:


72% of consumers say real customer videos are the content they most want to see.

Social Media Today

Beats "Influencers"

UGC content is 8.7x more impactful than an “influencer” creating content.



92% of consumers say they trust UGC over all other forms of advertising.



Nearly 80% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.


What's Our Story?

Yeew is operated by Australian digital marketing agency Local Digital. We manage hundreds of digital advertising campaigns for Australian businesses with UGC style ads powered by our Yeew creators.

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